Areas of Expertise and Added Value

We have developed a toolkit of industry best practices based on the collective experience of the Sail management team and have invested heavily in best in class systems that all of our portfolio companies are able to utilize.   

Financial Management and Control

Most of our portfolio companies had older systems in place at the time of acquisition. As a result, they had very little visibility into the key drivers of their business. By implementing new systems, we have the ability to track key metrics

Customer Service Management

There is a significant opportunity to improve customer acquisition and retention by implementing improved systems and practices. We work with all of our portfolio companies to implement new CRM systems and procedures to more effectively manage our relationship with customers.  


Supply Chain Management

We leverage the combined spend of all of our portfolio companies to negotiate better supplier pricing and terms.  We also work closely with each of the companies to optimize route planning, dispatching, and service/delivery response times to shorten response times and lower the cost per gallon to service customers.